Evolutionary Biology

Does The Fossil Record Support It?

Random acts, even if they might result in any benefits, will always result in far more chaos. For example, even if you believe that throwing a pile of bricks off a roof billions of times could eventually result in a perfectly constructed house with walls, closets and an attached garage, a vast majority of the time, though, they would result in meaningless configurations.

The same is true with genetics. Randomly rearranging genetic material generally result in grossly deformed and diseased organisms. So, even if these mutations could result in viable life forms, they'd have to result in far more chaotic -- diseased and deformed -- life forms. For every viable organism there should be billions upon billions of sickly and deformed organisms that did not work out. Where are they?

Evolution talks about "survival of the fittest." Where are the ones that were not fit and did not survive? The fossil records shows the first appearance of a life form has a well-structured, viable-looking configuration. Where are the billions of diseased and deformed life forms that should have existed for every one that worked out? Did nature get everything right the first time? That's not evolution. That's intelligent design.